• 505 Island View Drive

    MLS® 201822831

    505 Island View Drive, Boutiliers Point

  • Unit 2 Merlin Court

    MLS® 201917188

    Unit 2 Merlin Court, Halifax

  • Unit 3 Merlin Court

    MLS® 201917189

    Unit 3 Merlin Court, Halifax

  • Unit 4 Merlin Court

    MLS® 201917190

    Unit 4 Merlin Court, Halifax

  • Unit 5 Merlin Court

    MLS® 201917191

    Unit 5 Merlin Court, Halifax

  • Unit 6 Merlin Court

    MLS® 201917192

    Unit 6 Merlin Court, Halifax

  • 102 Chandler Drive

    MLS® 201917217

    102 Chandler Drive, Lower Sackville

  • 102 Chandler Drive

    MLS® 201917225

    102 Chandler Drive, Lower Sackville

  • 356 Bently Drive

    MLS® 201917236

    356 Bently Drive, Halifax

What Clients Say

Bob McPherson

It is nice to know that you can still do business with people who have integrity and where values and honesty come before anything else. I am privileged to have known Shawna and Bob for the past 12 years. We have done numerous business dealings together and I was pleased with their thorough knowledge and the results of every one of those fulfilling experiences.

Peace of mind is valuable and important to me. I would recommend Bob and Shawna to anyone that seeks the same results and shares the same values as I do.